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How to Get Unstuck and Break Out of the Box


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Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a box with barely enough air to breath?

The last six months have been a bit more challenging than usual for me and that’s exactly how I started to feel.

While I know what I was going through was temporary, my head chose to tell me a different story. Unfortunately for me, the story was so convincing that I started to believe it.

They say where your thoughts go, your energy flows. My thoughts were negative and my energy was tapped. It got to a point where I found myself struggling to get out of bed in the morning.

That’s when I started to get worried. I’m typically a morning person and what I was experiencing was totally out of character for me.

I had lost my energy and motivation and knew if I didn’t do something to get it back, it could have a serious impact on my over-all health and well being. I had to change something.

Fortunately, I’m tied into a pretty amazing community and usually don’t have to look much further than my inbox to find life-changing tips, resources and recommendations.

About two weeks ago I came across an email from best-selling author, wellness coach and activist, Kris Carr — you can check out her website here:

A few years ago Kris went through a terrible funk and her friend Erin Stutland, a fitness expert picked up on what she was going through and sent her an customized tape to motivate her and get her back on track again. Kris said just five minutes of Erin’s movement and positive affirmations boosted her energy and got her MOJO flowing again.

It just so happened that Erin was offering a free 6-day challenge — a 5 to 6 minute work- out that pretty much guaranteed to energize participants and get their day off to an amazing start.

It was an offer that couldn’t have come at a better time for me. The experience was transformational and I was hooked. It helped me bust-out of the box and gave me the MOJO I needed to get out of bed in the morning and embrace the challenges and opportunities of each new day.

I highly encourage you to check out Erin and her latest offering here: You won’t be disappointed.


I think we can all agree that it doesn’t take much for our daily routines and habits to box us in, zap our energy and negatively affect our attitude. While routines are necessary you shouldn’t let them confine you.

The reality is there’s a whole beautiful world out there waiting for you and all that you have to offer. So get moving!!


What’s ONE thing you’ve done in the past that’s helped you “break-out of the box” and get your MOJO back when you needed it most? I can’t wait to read your comments!

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Remember a more positive and happier life is within your reach. It starts by taking small steps in the direction you want to go. I know YOU CAN DO IT!!

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