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5 Easy Steps to Overcome the Biggest Obstacle in Your Life


I recently asked a group I was training what was stopping them from living the life they really want?

They told me stuff like I’m not motivated enough, I’m too old, I don’t have the right experience and I’m over weight.

I totally understood where they were coming from because I use to make the same excuses. Then I got honest with myself and my life started to change.

The truth is the only obstacle stopping you from stepping into your greatness and living a life you love is YOU!

When you understand and accept this fact you can overcome just about any challenge that comes your way and open yourself up to all beautiful possibilities life has to offer.

YOU ARE AMAZING and you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

Here are 5 steps that can help you slay those pesky road blocks getting in your way:

1. Have Courage.

If fear is holding you back from trying new things or going after something you really want, it’s time to break free. You’ve been in this dark place before. Push through it,stay positive and anticipate that things will work out. Remember, plenty of people would love to be your shoes. You are stronger than you think – BELIEVE IT!

2. Don’t overthink.

When you think about things too long you start to doubt yourself. Doubt creates negativity – negativity creates fear and fear results in inaction. Do you think Tom Brady was beating himself up over the mistakes he and his team made during the first half of the Super Bowl? Heck no! He just focused on what he and his team needed to do to win the game and refused to believe the story unfolding right before his eyes. Don’t overthink – JUST DO IT!

3. Be patient & work hard.

Anything worth having takes time and a massive amount of effort. Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before he invented the light bulb. His teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything” and he was fired from his first two jobs for being non-productive. Keep working at it. Believe in yourself because you have the talent to achieve anything that you set your mind to. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

4. Take small steps every day.

Do one thing consistently and you’ll start to see positive results sooner than you think. Consistency creates routines and habits. When you’re consistent you make progress toward whatever it is you want to accomplish. The more progress you make the more motivated you’ll be to keep working — even when things get tough. KEEP MOVING!

5. Love and be kind to yourself.

Life is tough and we all go through difficult times in our lives. Love and respect yourself for who you are and remember to be kind to your mind. There’s only one you and when you accept and support yourself during your good and bad days you become stronger, more resilient and feel a whole lot happier. Let go of the criticism and smile more and you’ll begin to see your life improve. LOVE YOURSELF!

Now it’s your turn….. What the biggest insight and action you’ll take as a result of what I shared with you?

Please leave your comments in the box below.

Remember others in the community can learn from you so please share your personal insights, experiences and lessons learned related to this topic.

I hope this month’s post motivates you and keeps you working toward your goals and dreams.

Remember a more positive and happier life is within your reach. It starts by believing in yourself and taking small steps in the direction you want to go. I know YOU CAN DO IT!!

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  • sarah brelvi February 16, 2017, 12:37 pm

    These are not “easy” steps to take all at once. I totally agree that the first is to visualize, have faith and believe in what you are pursuing/want to obtain. At this time I am re-reading THE SECRET where each one of the steps is outlined in various scenarios.
    At times it can be a challenge to believe and love yourself – those little voices in our heads sometimes try to take over. Kick them out! If you had someone in your life that was constantly negative and critical would you keep them in your life? Not me.
    Thank you Lina for providing me the opportunity to weigh in.

    • Lina Hollman February 21, 2017, 1:45 am

      All good points. Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  • Carole February 20, 2017, 1:01 pm

    In my experience, loving myself and finding time for myself was the most difficult task. As women,we were brought up learning that we must take care of and nurture others. Through that mindset and upbringing, we learned to care “take,”not care “give.”We learned that if we take care of others , we would then take back some false sense of satisfaction. This is not a healthy way of living. Care giving allows us to go outside of ourselves and give selflessly without requiring someone’s approval to feed the validation of who we are. I feel number 5 must happen before numbers 1-4. I’m certainly going to practice this today, thanks Lina! Carole

    • Lina Hollman February 22, 2017, 2:15 am

      I love what you said about care take vs selflessly giving without having any expectations. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing Carole.

  • Wayne Wittman March 20, 2017, 7:46 pm

    I think that number 5 Love and be Kind to yourself is probably the most important one of all. How many times do we beat ourselves up over some of the smallest items facing our lives. Also when do we take a little “Me Time”. More than likely not too often. We need to make ourselves happy before we can make others happy. This is not being selfish, its being realistic. Its OK, to give yourself a break and tell yourself that its going to work out in the end. If you do so than you can work towards your goals and those of others.