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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Stay Motivated!


It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you, If you allow it. (1)Are you struggling with following through on your goals and getting things done?

You’re in good company. It’s something that even the most productive people struggle with every day.

When you’re feeling motivated, you get things done easily. When you feeling unmotivated, you do everything in your power — next to leaving town — to avoid doing the work. That’s  called procrastination and I don’t know about you, but it’s something I’m very good at!

When you procrastinate, something ugly begins to happen. Your head gets filled with negative thoughts that beat you down emotionally and physically :( .

These thoughts make you feel stressed and discouraged.

Recognizing and changing this pattern can help you stay motivated and get more done.

First things first though. The reality is there’s no way you can wake up every day with the same amount of MOJO and enthusiasm. Life happens and your human — both impact your level of energy and motivation.

That’s why there are times you need to cut yourself some slack. If you’re feeling  tired,  overwhelmed and not too good about yourself,  get a good night’s rest and start fresh again tomorrow.

Always remember your life begins and ends in your head – what you give power to has power over you, if you allow it.

Here are 3 sure-fire ways to get motivated:

 1. Start each day with the thought that you can make someone’s life better through your actions.

Instead of thinking about what you have to do  — think about how doing it can help someone else. Broadening your view and seeing how your actions help others will motivate and energize you.

Here are two examples:

Cleaning out your closet can provide much needed goods and clothing to people who need them.

Finding a new job will give you more flexibility and mean more time with the kids.

 2. Don’t over think.

Over thinking kills motivation and hijacks your ability to take action. It puts fears in your head and your heart that most of the time aren’t based on fact. Plus continually analyzing and second guessing yourself is exhausting and unproductive. It makes getting things done way more complicated than it needs to be.

TIP: Don’t think your way through the action – just do it.

 3. Start small

When you have a lot going on it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  That’s one of the reason’s you have a hard time getting started. Taking small steps will still get you to your destination — it’ll just take you a little longer to get there. What’s great about this approach is that you’ll see progress and that will motivate you to do even more.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What are some ways that you stay motivated when you’re feeling overwhelmed? I can’t wait to read your comments below. As always, thanks for sharing!

Please remember a more positive and happier life is within your reach. It starts by taking small steps in the direction you want to go. I know YOU CAN DO IT!!

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