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3 Strategies That Will Help You Keep Fighting & Never Give Up

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fightI’ve had a lot of ups and downs over the last year. The highs have given me the feeling of alignment, purpose and joy while the lows have put me in a funk and made me question my plan and direction.

I know you don’t have to be an entrepreneur like me to experience pain, indecision, fear and self-doubt. It’s something we all go through and part of the journey we’re on called LIFE.

So what do you do when things don’t go exactly as planned?

The 3 strategies I’m sharing will help you effectively deal with life’s unpredictable twists and turns that you have no control over:

  1. Be a Victor not a Victim.

We humans focus more on the things that trouble us, than the good stuff we have in our life. Psychologists say our brains are naturally wired that way.

For more on the science behind our negativity click here.

What I know for sure is the way you react to resistance – the things you refuse to accept or address in your life – will impact your happiness and success big time.

So starting today, stop making excuses and start taking responsibility for your actions.

Being a victim stops you from unleashing your magic and reaching your full potential. Choose to be a victor instead by finding the good in the not-so-good and putting your energy into solutions.

  1. Don’t be afraid to fail.

When’s the last time you failed at something and felt good about it?

While failing isn’t pleasant, it’s a really important part of learning. Failing helps you to get better at things. Your struggles make you stronger – it’s that simple.

IMPORTANT TIP: Remember to learn from your mistakes and put them behind you! Don’t let the negative emotional baggage they create weigh you down and hold you back.

And DON”T GIVE UP (see strategy #3)!  View failure as an opportunity to discover, grow and succeed.

  1. Be willing to fight a shark – REALLY!

As I write this post my family and extended family –  all 28 of us – are getting ready to vacation together on the sandy beaches of North Carolina.

While I’m excited about our trip, I have to admit I’ve been a bit concerned about the shark attacks that have been reported along the Carolina coast this summer. That was until my 15-year-old daughter Jessica gave me her take on the situation when I picked her up from volleyball practice the other day.

“Don’t worry mom, if a shark comes near me I’m going to punch it in the nose as hard as I can!  I’m not going to let the shark scare me. I’m going to fight and not give up.”

I was really inspired by what Jessica said and I think you should be too!

When you’re feeling discouraged and helpless, please find the courage to keep going no matter how scared you are or how difficult things seem to be in your life.

BONUS: For some added motivation, here’s a link to a song that has inspired me and millions of other people to NEVER GIVE UP and keep on fighting. Thank you Rachel Platten!!

Now it’s your turn.

Have you ever overcome a difficult challenge that made you feel like you wanted to give up? How did you keep fighting?

As always, thank you for reading and contributing!

Until next time, remember a more positive and happier life is within your reach. It starts by taking small steps in the direction you want to go. I know YOU CAN DO IT!!

Best always,

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  • Wayne Wittman August 26, 2015, 1:37 am

    “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
    ― Thomas A. Edison

    Along with Edison’s wise saying is a line from the Song ” Shake It Out” by Florence and the Machine. The line is ” It’s always darkest before the dawn”. I know this to be a fact because of when I worked the midnight to 8AM shift so many years ago at my first real job. The hours before the dawn were the hardest to get through. You wanted to go to sleep but you couldn’t. You had to stay focused in order to do your job. And most importantly, you needed to stay alert so no one got hurt including yourself. Just when you thought I could go no further, the first light of dawn came through and that was my inspiration to see the sun come up to start a brand new day. Always remember no matter how dark your life may be now, the sun will eventually rise again for you and restart your life again!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!